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 Blitz : The league

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French Maoumi
French Maoumi

Nombre de messages : 1554
Age : 35
Localisation : Besançon
Date d'inscription : 10/10/2006

Infos gameur/gameuse
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MessageSujet: Blitz : The league   Mar 19 Fév - 15:36

Les succès ne sont pas traduits dans la version du jeu commercialisée en France

15G High Roller
Earn $150,000 in one Campaign Mode game

25G Whale
Earn $250,000 in one Campaign Mode game

13G Bombs Away
Win a game by only passing the ball

17G Ground Attack
Win a game by only running the ball

15G Underdog
Beat the Nightmare in Hard Difficulty in Quickplay when using the Grizzlies or Hammerheads

10G Butterfingaz
Beat the computer in bonus Quick Play game of Butterfingaz

10G Domination
Beat the computer in a bonus Quick Play game of Domination

25G Special Teamer
Return a punt or a kickoff for a touchdown in a Campaign Mode game

10G Shutout
Complete one shut out game in Campaign Mode

15G Juiced
Train both Rookie and Veteran up to an A+ rating during Campaign Mode

6G Top Dog
Beat an online opponent with your Campaign Mode custom team

14G Custom Pain
Beat 10 online opponents with your Campaign Mode custom team

20G Air Supremacy
Gain 400 passing yards in any Campaign Mode game

35G Groundhog
Gain 200 rushing yards in any Campaign Mode game

20G Sticky Fingers
Gain 200 receiving yards in any Campaign Mode game

20G Ownage
Win 10 games online

50G Pwnage
Win 25 games online

11G Mexico'd
Knock Mexico out of the game with a game-ending injury (Quickplay or Campaign Mode)

10G Headhunter
Knock Julius Williams out of the game (Quickplay or Campaign)

10G Shutdown
Hold an opposing team to under 100 combined (pass/rush) yards in a Campaign Mode game

30G Buffet Victory
Win a Quick Play game with every team

10G Fast Learner
Complete every Training Camp task

5G Playmaker
Score a 90+ yard touchdown in Campaign mode.

25G Romo
Cause 3 or more injuries to your opponent in a single Campaign Mode game

6G Gunslinger
Throw at least 6 TD passes in a single game in Campaign mode

25G Scrubs Champ
Beat Division 3 in Campaign Mode

70G Division 2 Champ
Beat Division 2 in Campaign Mode

150G The End
Beat Campaign Mode

15G Rushing Champ
Win the rushing title with your rookie (any division in Campaign Mode)

15G Passing Champ
Win the passing title with your rookie (any division in Campaign Mode)

15G Receiving Champ
Win the receiving title with your rookie (any division in Campaign Mode)

25G LT's Pride
Completed 20 sacks with a veteran in one Division Season

15G Thief
Force 7 turnovers with your veteran in a Division Season in Campaign Mode

50G L33T
Win every game in Campaign Mode

9G Arsenal
Score 19 points in a quarter in Campaign Mode

15G Greatest Show
Score 24 points in a quarter in Campaign Mode

15G Manvalanche
Get 12 sacks in one Campaign Mode game.

25G Bling Bling
Buy every piece of bonus equipment that's unlocked after you beat Campaign Mode

10G Deep Pockets
Earn $500,000 dollars online

20G Mad Bank
Earn $1,000,000 dollars online


0G Weak Sauce
Lost to Arizona in game 1 of Campaign Mode

Lost by more than 24 pts in Campaign Mode

0G Blind
Threw 5+ interceptions in one game

0G ROFL Waffle
Lost 5 games in a row online

0G Lollercoaster
Fumble the ball 5 times in a game

30G Tables Turn
Injured Quentin Sands in Division

69G Burning Sensation
You feel itchy down below. Did you pick something up from your last opponent?
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Blitz : The league
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